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Choker necklace set – the timeless piece

Chokers are a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. They are timeless classic pieces that can jazz up any outfit with the right amount of oomph. They can be matched with light ensembles to make a statement or worn independently, layered, or separated. A choker necklace set is a must-have fashion accessory since it is versatile, eye-catching, and brings back memories of the 1990s. 

Chokers are a must-have for brides and bridesmaids alike when it comes to weddings. The best selection of choker sets online can be found at India Trend. Get an outstanding shopping experience when you purchase with India Trend. Our online selection of choker sets is manufactured to order. We have classic designs to satisfy the traditional, contemporary sets for the modernista, and functional jewelry sets for those who like to keep it simple. 

Shop for choker sets online

All girls like to have a wholly outfitted jewelry box with all kinds of jewelry. Jewelry should change your mood and not be limited to standard dainty pieces. Choker sets are one of the most versatile of these jewelry types. You can pair them with Indian outfits for a traditional look. You can also pair them with western wear for a contemporary look. 

Modern women have an exceptional advantage as they do not have to wait for eons to acquire their preferred style. India Trend has an exquisite range of Indian choker necklaces for every woman. We at India Trend have many options for every woman to suit their every mood. From silver choker sets to showcase a tribal yet modern look to pearl choker sets that make a statement of simplicity and class. Our best sellers are, of course, the Kundan choker sets, which showcase a feeling of royalty. 

Indian Choker Necklace Collection at India Trend

On important occasions, you can show off this unique variety of classic and modern chokers for women. You may browse various neck-hugging choker jewelry in multiple styles and shapes at India Trend. While some are incredibly edgy and sleek with contemporary shapes and patterns, others are richly adorned with stones that have an antique finish. 

You can choose from various styles suitable for celebrations, weddings, or that coffee dates because of the enormous array we at India Trend provide. 

Kundan choker set

Kundan choker sets are made by setting uncut polished stones with wire. They add a touch of regality to any outfit. Kundan is a versatile look. You can go heavy with multi-layered Kundan chokers, and you can keep it simple by wearing a simple row of Kundan stones. 

At India Trend, Kundan chokers can be customized by adding the color of your choice to the beads hanging from the set. This way, you can match your choker to your outfit and dazzle others. 

Pearl Choker set

Pearls are considered timeless and classy, and chokers made from them are more so. Different sizes of pearls are used to create exquisite pearl chokers at India Trend. Often they have enamel work or Kundan to enhance their beauty. Pearl chokers are versatile and go well with both Indian and western outfits. 

At India Trend, you can buy a variety of pearl chokers in a variety of colors. This way, you can match your pearl chokers to your outfits. 

Indian choker necklace to match your desi outfits

Desi outfits are stunning on their own, and you might think they don't need any jewelry. But jewelry is what elevates your entire attire and completes your look. No weddings and celebrations can be complete without a bit of flaunting of your jewelry collection. 

While Kundan choker sets match any desi outfits, opt for a pearl choker set if you want to add a touch of timeless appeal. A combination of pearl and Kundan is ideal in a choker set to increase the glitz and glamor. 

You can also buy silver finish choker sets at India Trend. Silver finish choker sets add a bit of tribal drama to your wardrobe. Add a hint of mystery by buying silver choker sets at India Trend. 

Indian choker necklace to match your western wear

While it is challenging to match Indian jewelry with western outfits, it is not an impossible task. The trick is to keep it simple and classy. You need not go overboard with choker sets for western outfits. Simple pearl chokers or silver chokers work best with western outfits. 

At India Trend, you can buy beautiful choker sets ideal for brides, or you can keep them simple and buy an elegant piece. Whatever you desire, we can deliver to you at India Trend. 

Choker necklace sets are for everyone.

Whether you like single rows or prefer heavy Kundan to adorn your neck, there is something for everyone at India Trend. Please do not listen to detractors when they say that women with short necks should not wear chokers. Chokers are for everyone, and the trick is selecting the perfect match that positively highlights your neck and jaw. For special occasions, buy choker sets online from India Trend.

We assure you of authentic quality and offer affordable prices to delight your heart—endless choices and combinations per your needs to match your ensemble. Look distinct and feel fabulous with choker sets from India Trend. Buy chokers and check out our other necklace sets too.

For classic yet contemporary jewelry visit India Trend today.  We provide the best shopping experience for those looking for some Indian glam and endeavor to meet their needs. If you want to buy choker sets.


How do I choose the right size and length for my choker necklace set?

A choker is tightly fitted around the neck, but it is not meant to be uncomfortable. To find the size, wrap a tape measure around the base of the neck. Add two inches and you have the perfect measurement for your choker necklace!

The length of the choker necklace that flatters you depends on the shape of your face and the width of your neck. Narrow chokers with long pendants look good with fuller faces and wider necks. Chunky chains and wider bands look good on a person with a thin neck and narrow oval faces. If you have a heart-shaped face and a strong jawline, you can flaunt any of the styles available in the market. IndiaTrend is just the place for you to pick your necklace and flaunt it on your special day! 

What are the different styles and designs of choker necklace sets available online?

Choker necklaces are pieces of jewelry that are regarded as being “high fashion”. This is an accessory that has been around for thousands of years. It has evolved through the years in terms of size and materials used to make it. Chokers are typically tight-fitted and worn close to the neck. Broader and wider chokers are also called dog collars. You can choose between choker necklaces made from a variety of materials such as metal, and pearls, studded with stones. The choker necklaces are available in different finishes, styles and sizes.  IndiaTrend offers you a variety of options to suit your style and accessorize your outfit in your unique style.

How do I match my choker necklace set with my outfit and accessories?

Choker necklace sets are versatile pieces of jewelry. 

Kundan studded traditional choker sets can be paired with most open-necked traditional dresses. IndiaTrend has some gorgeous choker sets to add to your style. 

Pearl chokers are versatile and the epitome of elegance. They can be paired with gowns, cocktail dresses, sarees or even a simple day dress to lend an elegant touch. 

Tassel chokers look playful and bohemian. They pair beautifully with off-shoulder tops, flowy maxi dresses, and bright festive outfits.

Contemporary chokers are sleek, minimalist and chic. This makes them an ideal accessory to wear for dinners and business meetings. They look great with sheath dresses, tailored suits, and casual denim dresses.

Statement pieces are bold and eye-catching pieces that are designed to stand out. They add flair and drama to your look and are ideal for red carpet events and special occasions. 

What are the best occasions to wear a choker necklace set?

A choker is a very versatile piece of jewelry, It has traditionally been a piece of high-class jewelry worn by royalty. Choker necklaces have evolved and are a very popular accessory for the modern woman. They are available in different styles which makes them easy to style and pair with different outfits. IndiaTrend has an option for everyone! You can choose from: 

Traditional studded choker necklace sets can be worn for pre-wedding functions and the wedding ceremony.

Statement chokers, contemporary chokers, and pearl chokers can be worn for engagements and receptions to make an impact. 

Contemporary chokers and layered chokers are great options for a formal dinner or meeting. 


How do I store and clean my choker necklace to prevent tarnishing and damage?

Choker sets and necklaces from IndiaTrend are easy to look after and require practically no extra maintenance except for a few general do’s and don'ts.

Fashion jewelry is not meant to be worn every day. Store your choker set in its box. The boxes are designed to keep the jewelry from getting entangled. 

Keep the choker set away from moisture and dampness. Your necklace will become faded and tarnished if it gets wet. Dry it off immediately in case of contact with moisture. 

Keep your jewelry clean. Dry-wipe it with a clean and sift cloth to rid it of grime, sweat and moisture. 

In the jewelry world, it is said, “Wear it last and take it off first”. Remove your choker set before going to bed to prevent it from being damaged. 

Following the above steps will help you preserve the choker necklace set in its original form. Fashion trends are cyclical in nature. So, it pays to store and look after your statement pieces so you can wear them over a period of time.  

How long should a choker necklace be?

A choker necklace is an accessory that has been around for thousands of years. It has always been a part of a high fashion trend through the times. Traditionally,  a choker is a necklace that is tight-fitting and is worn high on the neck.  It was tight-fitted and worn close to the neck. Over the years, we have had choker sets evolve and change in style and design. You can choose your own piece from the options available on IndiaTrend. You can have a sleek, well-fitted choker or a studded and broader choker necklace, depending on the occasion and your own style. The typical length of a choker necklace is between 14-16 inches. 

Why do people wear choker necklaces?

A choker has been around as a high fashion accessory since time immemorial. Archaeologists have found records of craftsmen making golden chokers for royalty dating back to the Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations. During those times, chokers were made from lapis and gold and were considered to be protective charms that were imbibed with special powers.

In the modern world, choker necklaces are an important fashion accessory for all women. Online portals like IndiaTrend have all varieties of chokers ranging from studded traditional ones to statement pieces made from metals, stones and pearls. There is an option available for everyone. A choker is a trendy and versatile accessory that allows you to enhance any outfit and add a touch of fun to your style.

When do you wear a choker?

A choker is a necklace that is tight-fitted and is worn close to the neck and is a very versatile accessory. Different types of chokers can be paired up with suitable outfits and used to lend flair and make an impact. You can wear the stunning studded traditional chokers from IndiaTrend with your gorgeous traditional outfits for all traditional occasions. Chic and sleep contemporary and layered chokers lend elegance to formal office wear and dinner date dresses. Pendant and tassel chokers are bohemian and fun to wear on picnics, outings with friends and beach days. 

There is a wide array of choker necklaces on IndiaTrend to help you enhance your style and bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. 

What is the minimum weight for a choker necklace?

Choker necklaces are of varied lengths and widths depending on the style. Chokers that are studded with stone are heavier than the plain gold ones or the velvet ones. The art/ imitation choker sets are heavier than the ones made from real gold. The average weight of a real gold choker is approximately 18-25  grams for a mid-sized choker necklace.

IndiaTrend has many options for you to choose from in art choker necklace sets. These stunning pieces lend elegance and grace at affordable prices.