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Trends in Indian Designer Bangles


The Bangle is a traditional piece of jewelry in India. It is typically worn on the upper arm, either at the bicep or above the elbow. Bangles are usually made from metal or sometimes glass beads strung together on a durable thread. But they go a long way back. In the Mohenjo-Daro excavation, hints and remnants of this alluring jewelry, especially bangles, were discovered. This jewelry was once worn by men and women and was constructed from several materials, including terracotta, glass, and metal. These bangles' designs have developed in an illimitable variety over time. Designer bangles are all about subtly increasing your level of style, and there are many possibilities available in various materials, colors, forms, and sizes for every situation.

Bangles have many embellishments, including beadwork, stonework, mirror work, pearl work, and others, and are highly colorful. When paired with sarees or salwar suits, they enhance your beauty. There are several options available that go with both traditional and western attire. Bangles with modern designs will make you look sophisticated, while those with traditional motifs will highlight your ethnic appearance.

Indian contribution to the world fashion scene has been more than just saree. Bangles are fast becoming the hottest accessory on the red carpet. Bangles and bracelets featuring gemstones and pearls with intricate finishing are the favorite among fashionistas this season. Bangles have been modified this season, and now you can find a vast range of bangles available in the market at the best prices.

Tradition Of Bangles In India

In Rajasthan, heavily white, red, and metallic chudas paired with thick bangles are the norm for important occasions. They can even almost reach the shoulder. Bangles from West India are frequently more colorful and made of glass, whereas Hyderabad is famous for its stunning but fragile lac bangles. 

Gold is the material of choice for a South Indian bride wearing Indian bangles so that it would complement the rest of her jewelry. In Punjab, newlywed women must wear crimson bangles on their wedding day and for several more months or years afterward. The final bangle breaking in various cultures denotes the end of the "honeymoon" period. Similarly, ladies are supposed to wear traditional bangles in particular hues and patterns for numerous religious celebrations, such as Karva Chauth and Diwali.

Different Types Of Bangles 

Bangles are gorgeous pieces of jewelry. They can contribute to the creation of an elegant look when worn with traditional clothing. Due to their low cost and superb design, sharvi bangles and rose gold bangle sets are among women's most popular bangle sets.

If you are looking for some of the best bangle designs for women online, then we have selected some of the best designs for you. All the below-featured bangles are by the brand  India Trend. This brand has the most amazing collection of bangles.

  • Kundan bangles- Kundan bangles illustrate superb craftsmanship and lovely jewelry design. These bangles are available in various styles, from thin gold kadas with stunning red and green crystals to broad gold bands with steel gray stones in a plain monotone design. In the Gujarat-Rajasthan region, colorful Kundan bangles are a more common choice.
  • Mirror bangles- In contrast to other bangle varieties, mirror bangles are unique. These are appealing and improve the appearance of your straightforward attire. These bangles will certainly make your hands look more attractive regardless of age. Every time you wear them, you will stand out since they enhance your style and natural beauty. Mirror bangles come in various designs and can be worn to make a fashion statement.
  • Velvet bangles- Everything from sarees to bangles can look like they belong in a royal wardrobe because of velvet's luxurious and rich texture. Light and substantial embellishments in both conventional and modern colors can be supported nicely by velvet bangle designs. Velvet bangles are quite versatile and go well with a variety of ethnic wear ensembles and jeans and Kurtis.
  • Metal bangles- When used in the newest bangle designs, moldable, malleable metals can survive very long. They make lovely, designer bangles for casual clothing. Metal bangles, as opposed to those made of gold, silver, or platinum, are less expensive, low-maintenance, and a wonderful ethnic accessory.

Increasing the life of your bangles

Bangles are an excellent accessory that can decorate any Indian garment, including a saree, lehenga choli, and salwar kameez. However, we must remember that bangles must be preserved properly to increase their beauty and shelf-life. Indian women wear different unique bangles on special occasions like weddings, festivals, rituals, etc. Mostly, women preserve these bangles in bangle boxes. 

You must store Lac and sharvi bangles in a box or on a special Indian bangle stand to prevent them from losing shape with the change in weather. These, along with oxidized silver Indian bangles, velvet bangles, lac bangles, and simple rose gold bangles sets, are trendy casual accessories that pair brilliantly with Kurtas and tunics.

Styling Tips

Since bangles currently exist in different styles, including Western and Indo-Western, you can pair them with a wide range of clothes. Bangles have developed into stylish accessories. In the West, bangles of different sizes, hues, and forms are a trendy accent to any ensemble. Even in India, elderly women and young girls frequently don traditional and modern variations.

Variations in fashion are influenced by the wearer's style, environment, and occasion. Instead of wearing a full set of thin bangles, some women prefer Indian bangle bracelets, which are designer bangles with intricate designs that you can wear on a single hand. They are carefully crafted with fascinating embellishments to make them stand out, whether worn as single items or in pairs.


Bangles are those classy accessories that highlight a woman's true attractiveness. They are present in any female jewelry collection. Without bangles, no traditional event or wedding is complete. Despite regional and cultural distinctions, all Indian women wear bangles of different types. These lovely ornaments are regarded as the pinnacle of feminine elegance. Your hands become more attractive due to their grace, adaptability, and vivacity.


You can find a huge selection of exquisite jewelry on India Trend, one of the most well-known online accessory stores. The fantastic and captivating selection of bangles on the website can mesmerize your senses. The collection is a lovely fusion of flair and grace. It presents a contemporary take on ordinary jewelry. Discover the gorgeous bangles available online and purchase your favorite one with a few quick clicks.



What are bangles and how are they different from bracelets?

Bangles and bracelets are both types of jewelry worn around the wrist, but they have some key differences. Bangles tend to be solid, rigid circles that slide over the hand and rest snugly on the wrist, while bracelets have a clasp or other opening to secure them around the wrist.

Bangles come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from thin bangles that jingle together to thick statement cuffs. Many bangles are carved from wood, plastic, metal, or glass for an embellished appearance. Others may be simple and understated. Their stiff structure causes them to make a jingling sound when moved. Bangles are very popular in Indian jewelry traditions and are often worn stacked up the forearm in sets known as kangans. IndiaTrend carries many beautiful and affordable bangle sets featuring colorful stone accents.

Bracelets encompass a much broader range of styles, from chain link bracelets to leather wraps to charm bracelets and more. Rather than sliding over the hand, most have a clasp, lobster claw closure, buckle, or tie to keep them securely around the wrist.

How to choose the right size, shape, and style of bangles for your wrist?

Choosing the right bangle size, shape, and style requires considering your wrist size and personal preferences. Generally, the best way to determine proper bangle size is to measure your hand's circumference with a tape measure. Match this measurement to the diameter of potential bangles. Those with smaller wrists below 6 inches will be most comfortable in narrow bangles with a diameter of 2.5 - 3 inches. Average wrists of 6 to 7 inches suit wider bangles of 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter.

The shape and structure of bangles also make a difference in fit and comfort. Rigid full-circle bangles may pinch wider wrists when putting them on over the hand. In contrast, light and flexible styles with an opening or gap allow more give to slide them on easily. If you intend to wear multiple bangles stacked, ensure they are not too tight that they uncomfortably pinch the wrist when layered. IndiaTrend provides a vast selection of beautiful and vibrant bangle styles that both embrace and reimagine classic Indian jewelry design. 

How to wear bangles with different outfits and occasions?

Bangles are a versatile accessory that can elevate both casual daily looks and formal ensembles. The key to wearing them well is choosing bangles that coordinate with your outfit style and occasion.

For casual everyday wear, stackable bangle sets work perfectly. Try playing with different textures like engraved metal bangles from IndiaTrend paired with their lightweight glass or acrylic colorful bangles. This creates visual interest and movement for basic tees and jeans. For a boho flair, wear hammered gold brass bangles with flowy maxi dresses or printed kimonos. Dress up your professional workwear by mixing slim bangle stacks with your blazers and slacks. For formal occasions like weddings or parties, make a statement with wide carved cuffs or crystal-encrusted bangles over your elegant traditional wear like sarees, anarkalis, or lehengas.

Match metal tones across your jewelry for a coordinated look. Contrasting metals can feel disjointed. Go for minimal stacks and lightweight materials during hot weather. With a versatile collection from IndiaTrend, the styling possibilities are endless for taking your outfits from basic to bold by simply sliding on some bangles.

How to mix and match bangles with other jewellery and accessories?

Mixing and matching bangles with other jewelry and accessories creates a harmonious, layered look. The key is finding balance through coordinated metals, complementary colors, and mindful arrangement.

When building your jewelry stack, use bangles to establish a color palette and metal base. For example, start with two slim golden bangles from IndiaTrend as your foundation, then layer on accessories featuring gemstones in the same yellow-orange color family. Balance the stacking by placing larger statement pieces like a carved cuff or charm bracelet on the outskirts of your wrists.

You can also link the outfit itself into the mix by picking up colors and textures from your clothing. Contrast the sleek metal of engraved bangles with the natural texture of wood or linen beaded bracelets. Echo the vibrant ruby red of a sari with crimson glass bangles dotted with golden trim. Just take care not to overdo it—too many competing pieces can look cluttered. Stick to two or three coordinated statement bangles and accessories that tie the look together.

How to take care of your bangles and prevent them from scratching, bending, or breaking?

Taking proper care of your bangles helps preserve their beauty and extend their longevity. Given their rigid circular structure, bangles are prone to scratching, warping, and breaking with rough wear. Be mindful when putting on bangles, gently sliding them over your hand to avoid scraping metal pieces against each other or bending thinner bangles. Store bangles securely in soft cloth pouches or lined jewelry boxes from brands like IndiaTrend to buffer between pieces. Keeping them cushioned prevents knocking, chipping, and scratching.

When wearing your bangles, try to avoid direct contact with abrasive surfaces and chemicals that can erode metal platings or corrode glass. Don't let bangles flap against hard table edges. Remove them before doing household chores or applying perfumes, hairspray, makeup and creams, which can pit and cloud their surfaces. Always take bangles off properly without pulling and stretching their circumference. After wearing, gently wash with mild soap and water, then polish with a microfiber cloth to restore shine and slickness to the surfaces. Storing in anti-tarnish bags also preserves metallic luster.

What are the different types of bangles available in the market and online?

There is an incredibly diverse array of bangle styles and materials available both in jewelry stores and through online stores like IndiaTrend. The most common categories include:

Metal bangles come in gold, silver, copper and brass varieties. Options range from simple, shiny finishes to intricately engraved or embossed designs. Precious metal choices like gold vermeil or sterling silver provide a beautiful luxe shine. Costume jewelry metals like tin alloy or lacquered brass allow for ornate detailing at affordable pricing.

Glass bangles are also very popular, from colorful hand-painted designs to glittering crystal and rhinestone-encrusted styles. Many feature delicate gold foil or silver leaf accents between layers of glass. Lacquer bangles have an eye-catching glossy sheen, while cloisonné bangles contain intricate miniature patterns framed by metal wires.

There are also resplendent gemstone bangles with eye-catching stones like jade, agate, turquoise or lapis lazuli. Natural materials like wood, shell, and marble make organic statement pieces. 

What is the purpose of wearing bangles?

Bangles have been a key part of traditional Indian jewelry for centuries, worn by women as a sign of femininity, marital status, and overall beauty. Given the relatively affordable cost, bangles also provide an attainable way for women across the socioeconomic spectrum to partake in beautifying jewelry traditions.

Beyond symbolism and feminine adornment, the jingling sound and captivating sparkle emanating from bangles bring its wearer and those around her joy. Bangles add exciting movement with every gesture of the hands and wrists. Married women often wear stacks of gold and glass bangles gifted by their husbands and families to display their cherished commitment and value bangles from brands like IndiaTrend in dazzling metals or vivid enamels that empower personal expression of individuality through jewellery. By thoughtfully crafting stacks of skinny, wide, and statement bangles, women can achieve their own signature style. In many ways, bangles fulfill multiple needs - from cultural belonging and matrimonial tradition all the way to fashionable self-expression.

How many bangles should you wear?

When it comes to how many bangles to wear, there are no set rules! It comes down to personal preference based on comfort, aesthetics, and occasion. For an understated everyday bangle look, starting with 3-5 pieces in coordinating metals and colors creates cohesion. Mix slimmer bracelet-style bangles with a wider engraved statement cuff from IndiaTrend for a balanced variety.

For making a glittering impression at an evening event, 8-10 bangles stacked up the forearm make a lavish impact. Play with layering thick embellished statement bangles between finer beaded or chain link bracelet bangles to prevent a heavy or suffocating feeling. If embracing traditional Indian wedding looks, 12 or more glass and gold kada bangles are commonly worn by brides as symbols of marital joy and prosperity.

When curating your bangle stacks, ensure they slide comfortably up your arm and aren't so tight that they pinch skin or restrict blood circulation. Leaving a half inch or so of space between the bangles and the inner wrist is best. 

Which type of bangles is best?

There is no single "best" type of bangle, as different materials, styles, and price points each have their own advantages and suit different needs. However, here are some factors to consider when selecting the optimal bangles for your needs:

Purpose - Bold metal cuffs or carved wood bangles make artsy statement pieces, while slender glass bangles create delicate stacks for daily wear. Choose statements or flexible styles based on fashion goals.

Comfort - Lightweight affordable plastic and resin bangles from IndiaTrend are ideal if wearing many stacks. Those with sensitive skin may prefer smooth metals or lacquered finishes that won't irritate.

Style - Intricate hand-carved bangles or colorful enamel inlaid reflect Indian jewelry craftsmanship. Minimal contemporary metals exude modern elegance.

Value - Higher karat gold finished or gemstone bangles offer luxury. Plated metals and synthetic stones balance beauty with a budget for many.

Assess your lifestyle, wardrobe, and budget to determine priorities. With quality artisanship and diversity, IndiaTrend offers bangles for every purpose.