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Traditional Punjabi Designs, Authentic Indian Bangles, and Elegant Kundan Bangles for Your Special Day

An Indian bride's intricate chura bangle set carries profound meaning on her auspicious wedding day. This colorful kangan symbolizes a bride's joyful transition from an unmarried kanya into a blissful suhaagan beginning a new life journey with her husband. At IndiaTrend, our master artisans create striking bridal chura collections, merging innovation with time-honored tradition. From delicate floral meenakari churas to regal uncut diamond kundan sets, explore our exclusive designer pieces. Find your dream bridal bangles to lovingly commemorate new beginnings and sacred marital bonds with your jeevan saathi.

Traditional Punjabi Chura Designs

In Punjabi culture, vibrant churas in red and white are customary bridalwear. Traditional churas from IndiaTrend feature delicate gold or lacquer work in floral, mor, or bel booti motifs. The intricately decorated churas represent the creativity and joy of new beginnings.

Many brides choose designs with small shankes and ghungroos for a joyful sound when they move their hands. The melodic clinking reminds the bride that each moment of her new journey is precious. Symbolic elements like hathi, mor, and nariyal symbols are also popular for their auspicious significance.

Contemporary brides are experimenting with non-traditional colors, too. Sunehri, chandi, hara, peela, and neela churas make a bright, joyful statement. Creative brides might pick different hues for each hand to make a rainbow-inspired statement. Mismatched stacks with lacquer work, kundan bangles, Velvet, glass and metal bangles intermixing add modern flair.

Authentic Indian Glass Bangles

Glass kade made in India is an affordable bridalwear classic. Firozi, hara, laal, and peela kangan make rainbow-like stacks. The sweet tinkling reminds brides to delight in each precious second.

Intricate glasswork, like bubbled textures, gold leaf, or phool designs, adds artisanal flair at IndiaTrend. Lac bangles inlaid with glittering tinsel threads, metals, or moti make dazzling additions. Dulhans might choose red glass bangles with tiny mirrored pieces to reflect their inner radiance.

Stacks might combine glass and sona or chandi kade for shine and khanki. Indian glass bangles symbolize fertility and prosperity, so they make meaningful gifts for the bride. Lightweight glass sets are comfortable for all-day wedding wear.

Elegant IndiaTrend Kundan Chura Sets

For brides seeking royal elegance, IndiaTrend kundan churas set with uncut diamonds and gemstones are a luxurious choice. Known as living lacquer jewelry, molten laal lac is hand-poured into molds and then hand-carved.

Classic Kundan is gold jewelry with table-cut, gajra-cut, or navette-cut diamonds. Rubies, panna, or neelam may accent the hira. The sparkling gems against the lacquer background resemble stars in the night sky.

Kundan churas may also feature CZ (cubic zirconia) or crystal stones. Intricate gold settings in floral, bel, or jali patterns encircle the ratnan. Dulhans might choose emeralds for their green color symbolic of new beginnings and nature.

Handcrafted kundan churas have an heirloom appeal. Lacquered laal or hara backgrounds make the gold and gems pop. Some IndiaTrend sets incorporate moti and meenakari, too. Dulhan ki kundan churas make dazzling statements during wedding rituals.

Choosing Your Bridal Chura

When selecting your bridal chura set, choose designs that align with your style, culture, and budget. Traditional Indian brides may opt for customary red and white or experiment with trendy, colorful kade. The designs you pick represent your unique personality.

Fashion-forward brides might love royal kundan styles or mismatched chura stacks. For some, the lac design of bangles carved with auspicious symbols or tiny bells resonates most. Others may prefer engraved names or romantic phrases.

The joyful sound, symbolism, and sheer beauty of intricately worked bangles make them cherished shadi keepsakes. Display your churas prominently in wedding photos to highlight Indian culture. Let these kangan remind you of finding your jeevan saathi each time you glance at your kalai or hear their melodious khanki. Your bridal chura commemorates the start of your lamba marriage.

IndiaTrend's Exquisite Bridal Chura Collection

Explore IndiaTrend's latest designer chura collections for your special day: Traditional Punjabi Chura Sets

  • Vibrant laal - golden churas with peacock and mango motifs representing creativity and joy.

  • Delicate meenakari floral designs on red and white bangles for a classic, elegant look.

  • Peela and hara glass kangan with tiny ghungroos add a whimsical touch.

Royal Kundan Churas

  • Gold and uncut diamond churas with emerald accents resembling stars against the night sky.

  • Ornate vines and floral patterns encircle sparkling CZs with a regal allure.

  • Lush rubies and firozi contrast beautifully with intricate 22K gold settings.

Colourful Bangles

  • Ombre-style rainbow bangle stacks for the contemporary bride.

  • Textured in metallic, Velvet in modern hues like sea green, blush, or sage.

  • Lac bangles from India with pearl and badla work for added intricacy and shine.


IndiaTrend hopes this peak into our bridal chura collection has ignited inspiration for your special day. Our Kundan, lacquerwork, and glass artisans' handcrafted heirloom pieces reflect Indian craftsmanship. Contact our stylists to begin designing your custom chura set today. We lovingly help make bridal dreams a reality. Shop stunning pieces for all wedding events now. Let your IndiaTrend churas commemorate finding your soulmate.