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The Victorian Collection

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How Victorian Style Jewelry Set Helps You Stand Out?

The Victorian Era is considered one of the most historical periods in the history of the world. The Victorian era is the time period that witnessed incredibly significant and long-lasting exploration, expansion, and scientific invention. 


Undoubtedly, one of the most significant and enduring products of the Victorian Era was jewelry that reflected this romantic era's cultural progress and sophistication. 

From engagement rings to Victorian style jewelry sets, the Victorian period is popular for a variety of distinctive jewelry styles and designs. 


If you are thinking of standing out and being the center of attention, a necklace set for women, rings, or bangles inspired by Victorian style from IndiaTrend is what you need. 


You do not know what makes a Victorian style jewelry set so special? Let's talk about the features of such necklaces or pieces of jewelry in this article.


What Are The Features Of Victorian Style Jewelry Set?


Grandiose designs


Victorian costume jewelry can rarely be called subtle. Grandiose designs are the most common techniques used to create such jewelry pieces. It is a jewelry-making technique involving the creation of metal orbs and their subsequent use as embellishment. It is a highly efficient method for adding texture to designs. 


The extraordinary Niloufer Necklace Set at Indiatrend is the perfect example of Grandiose designs. Here multi-colour stones are used as a central cushion cut which is encircled by a halo of plan stones as well as multi-colour stones. 

Accentuated Jewelry


Some of the most distinctive Victorian objects are symbolic and conceal hidden messages. It means that usually, such jewelry was used to create a word using the initial letter of each gemstone. The name could be directed towards a lover's name or a symbolic message. 


Bright Gemstones


Brilliantly coloured gemstones are another "IT" factor that signifies Victorian jewelry due to their popularity during the era. 


One can find any number of gemstones, including rubies, emeralds, and sapphires of pink, purple, and, of course, deep blue, in such jewelry pieces. Such gemstones can even be found in Victorian style rings, such as the adjustable Gayatri Ring at IndiaTrend. This antique two-tone finger ring is studded with simulated uncut polki diamonds and multi-colour stones.



Floral Design


It is another feature most prevalent in jewelry inspired by the Victorian era. Each flower, from forget-me-nots to daisies, roses and tulips, had its own unique significance due to the Victorians' practice of encoding concealed sentimental messages in flowers.


Kashi Necklace Set from IndiaTrend is the perfect example of jewelry inspired by the Victorian era. This antique two-tone bib necklace set is studded with simulated diamonds, CZs, pearls and multi-colour stones.


Apart from this, Mehtab Indian choker necklace is perfectly designed with simulated uncut polkis, CZS, baroque pearls, pink and green stones, and beads.



Get Your Victorian Style Jewelry Set Today


While every era in the history of jewelry has something beautiful to offer modern collections, the Victorian era marked the beginning of many magnificent designs that are still used today.


At IndiaTrend, we have an exquisite collection of Victorian rings, bangles, and necklace sets for women chosen for their beauty and significance. With something for everyone, why not peruse our collection of antique Victorian jewelry today? 


We offer several antique Victorian jewelry pieces for sale. Contact us immediately for more information on any piece in the Jewellery collection at Indiatrend.