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Layered Necklace

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Get That Elegant Look With Our Layered Gold Necklace Set


Suppose you seek to impart sophistication to your costume or make a unique statement with jewelry. In that case, IndiaTrend offers a dazzling array of layered gold necklace sets sure to captivate the heart and uplift one's style. The meticulously designed layered necklaces are crafted to bring out the best in you.

The versatility of layered necklaces lies in the ability of multiple delicate chains stacked together to create various aesthetic impressions. From dramatic and bold to subtle and understated, layered necklaces allow for various looks. IndiaTrend's collection features diverse, layered necklace styles suited to varied tastes and preferences. Whether you seek contemporary geometrics, vintage-inspired florals, elegantly stacked chokers or statement clusters of pendants, you will surely find options matching your unique vision

Unveiling Our Exquisite Collection

IndiaTrend's variety of layered necklace sets is crafted to impart sophistication and extravagance. Notable pieces within the collection include:

Raghav Groom Necklace:

The Raghav groom necklace features a 3-layered design adorned with faux pearls and hot pink beads, creating a regal and majestic look. The adjustable cord ensures a perfect fit, making it ideal for those seeking an aristocratic touch.

Mehru 5-Layered Necklace:

The Mehru 5-layered necklace features a masterful design with gold plating, simulated Kundan, and faux pearls exuding timeless charm. The adjustable cord provides a comfortable fit, making it versatile for any occasion.

Review - Baldish S. commented on this Necklace as: "Beautiful!"


Vibha Layered Necklace:

The Vibha layered necklace features a 3-layered gold plated design studded with simulated Kundans, faux pearls, stones and beads in various hues, showcasing unparalleled artistry that adds a touch of royalty.

Peshawar Layered Necklace:

The Peshawar layered necklace elevates style with its gold-plated design featuring simulated Kundans and pearls. The 20" adjustable cord guarantees a snug fit, appealing to fashion enthusiasts.

Virali Layered Necklace:

The Virali layered necklace features a rose gold finish design adorned with faux pearls, simulated Kundans and beads in mint green, creating an excellent choice for various neck sizes.

Samiya Layered Necklace: 

The Samiya layered necklace embraces Mughal design with its gold-plated Kundan, enamel, faux pearl and bead embellishments.


Unmatched Elegance and Quality

At IndiaTrend, quality and craftsmanship are paramount. Each layered gold necklace set is crafted from high-grade alloy metal to ensure durability and a long lifespan. Our skilled artisans pour their passion into creating these pieces, ensuring every item becomes a work of art that imparts beauty.

The Meticulous attention to detail, multiple quality checks and crafting techniques passed down through generations combine to imbue each piece with an aura of grace, timelessness and authenticity. Moreover, premium materials like high-grade alloy metals and simulated gemstones mean these pieces are built to withstand the rigors of daily use.


Perfect for Any Occasion

Versatility is the hallmark of truly great accessories, and our layered necklace sets epitomize this quality. Whether the occasion is a lavish wedding, formal corporate event or intimate dinner, these necklaces are perfect for any setting.

Pair them with ethnic ensembles to impart a traditional touch, or mix and match them with contemporary outfits for a fusion look. Our collection's wide array of styles - from minimalist to ornate, traditional to contemporary - ensures a perfect layered necklace option to elevate any outfit in one's wardrobe.


IndiaTrend's collection of layered gold necklace sets offers an opportunity to indulge in luxury and make a subtle yet impactful statement. Elevate your style and own the room at any event with these regal pieces.

Don't miss the chance to add that touch of luxury to your wardrobe. Browse our full collection online today and discover the perfect layered gold necklace to amplify your unique personal aesthetic.

Explore our collection now and find your perfect layered gold necklace set to enhance the elegance and elevate your style. Shop now at IndiaTrend!