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Kundan Bangles

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Kundan Bangles You Must Buy 

Kundan bangles are a unique type of bangles made by traditional Indian jewelry-making techniques. There are many types of bangles available in different kinds of gemstones. Among those, kundan bangles hold different values because of their unique features and designs.Kundan bangles are beautiful examples of traditional Indian craftsmanship.

Types of kundan bangles 

  • Classic kundan bangles - These types of kundan bangles commonly have a golden base and feature elaborated traditional bangle designs. They work as statement jewelry.White-colored Kundan gemstone is widely popular in the classic Kundan bangle type. IndiaTrend provides a huge range of classic Kundan bangles. Like the Katrina Bangle, it is a gold-plated screw-opening bangle studded with Simulated Kundan and Pearl. The bangle exudes a timeless charm; lustrous pearls add a classic and sophisticated touch.

  • Meenakari Kundan bangles - Meenakari Kundan bangles are another example of traditional craftsmanship. In this type of Kundan bangles, firstly Meenakari work is done on the metal surface, then it is combined with the Kundan stones. Together, Meenakari work and Kundan stones create a vibrant and striking look. On India Trend, you can find so many mesmerising Meenakari Kundan bangles like the Tanvi bangle set. It has high-grade alloy metal with green-colored Meenakari and is studded with white-colored simulated Kundan.

  • Polki Kundan Bangles - Polki is a widely popular type of stone in jewelry. Polki is a type of uncut diamond used in jewelry. When Polki diamonds and Kundan stones are integrated into a single set of bangles, they create a striking effect. Polki Kundan Bangles are perfect for Indian traditional wedding looks. They perfectly blend into the aesthetic of Indian bridal looks. In IndiaTrend, there are various options available in the Polki bangle types.Beautiful fusion of polki and kundan is a must-try.

  • Pearl Kundan bangles - it is a graceful and classic fusion of Kundan and pearl. They create the traditional charm and provide an elegant look, making them the perfect bangles for a wedding. When you integrate the pearl and Kundan together in a golden base, they provide a royal look. There are so many beautiful options available on the India Trend in this category. If you want a statement bangle set, you can try the Pallavi Bangle Set; it is a screw-opening bangle studded with simulated Kundans and faux pearls. But if you want a simple pearl Kundan bangle set, India Trend provides you with a beautiful Dipti bangle set. If you are a bride and want a bridal bangle set, there are options like the Ridhima bangle set and Aaniya Bangle set, both of which have gold-plated screw-opening simulated Kundans and pearl beads.

  • Antique Kundan Bangles - These types of Kundan bangles include bangles with timeless beauty and designs. They provide the vintage feel; their antique inspiration makes them valuable traditional bangles with timeless appeal. On India Trend, you can find some really beautiful antique single Kundan bangles like the Kesar bangle Gold Plated Screw Opening Bangle Studded with Simulated Kundan, Green Stones, and Pearls. Another beautiful single antique Polki bangle available on India Trend is the Jodha bangle gold-plated screw opening bangle studded with simulated Kundans and pearls. If you want an Antique bangle set, India Trend also provides some unique bangle sets in this category like the Ritika bangle set, which is a Gold Plated Screw Opening Bangle set Studded with Natural Mother of Pearls, Hot Pink Stones, and Beads.

  • Mirror Kundan Bangles - It is a unique fusion of mirror work and kundan stones.Mirrors or bangles of glass hold a different kind of glamor and beauty. On India Trend, you can find not only the Mirror Kundan fusion but also the mirror Kundan pearl combinations. There are options like the Isha bangle set available on India Trend; they have a base of high-grade alloy in a golden tone.

  • Silver Kundan bangles - Kundan stones combined with the silver base metal provide an elegant look. It is a fusion of western and traditional bangle craftsmanship in the Kundan bangle category. It is a type of Kundan bangle you can wear with fusion Indo-western outfits. India Trend has many options of silver bangles.

  • Statement Kundan Bangles - These are the types of bangles perfect for weddings and festival occasions. India Trend offers some really amazing Statement Kundan Bangles like the Padmini Bangle Set. It is available in various colors, Gold-Plated Screw Opening Bangle Set with Simulated Kundans, Dangling Pearls, and Beads. The Padamani Bangle is a must-buy in this category; it will surely enhance your traditional ensemble.

There are so many types of designs of bangles with kundan stones available on India Trend. You can find the perfect kundan bangles according to the occasion for yourself on the India Trend. Whether you want a simple, easy-to-carry Kundan bangle set or you want a four-piece kundan bangle set, you can find a wide range of options on the India Trend site. Go check it out!